In 2013, I (Sybille), mother of 4 boys & married to Frédéric, launched the 1st swimwear collection of Fred & Louis.
Based on leftover fabrics & sewn in a very small unit belonging to NGO A Way With You in Pondicherry this first collection tried to fill the market with a perfect product.  Really important in my eyes are
  • sustainability 🌱
  • elegance
  • finishing
  • comfort
  • affordability
  • social
Thanks to the extremely soft inside net which is sourced in France, the prints designed in Belgium & produced in Portugal, I can try to ally elegance, comfort, softness and sense of detail for the swimwear collection.
After a while, we’ve decided to add some boxer shorts & a nightwear collection to our range…
The search of materials and patterns is my playground.   The collection stands out by the subtlety of the details but also it’s sustainability🌱!
All coton fabrics are sourced personally once a year in Delhi.  I select fabrics within leftovers from overproduction… This is a kind of upcycling & enables us at the same time to offer you loads of choice in very limited quantity… almost like a tailor-made brand.
The guideline of the brand : family, which is to be found everywhere across the collection.  Firstly, through our brand name :  « Fred & Louis » Fred being the dad & hubby and Louis, the 2nd of our boys .  Secondly, all the names of the collection refer to our children, nephews, close friends’ children!
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