In 2013, the young mom of boys, Sybille, noticed that the offer for matching all the men in the house is just not what she wanted it to be… despite the variety of styles on offer. With help from her friends and family, Sybille filed this void by lauching the perfect collection which brings exeptional comfort and  funky looks to daddy, mummy and her little darlings !
Thanks to the extremely soft inside net and the prints, she allies elegance, comfort, softness and sense of detail. The search of materials and patterns is Sybille’s playground. The collection stands out by the sublety of the details.
The guideline of the brand : family, which is everywhere accross the collection.
« Fred&Louis » directly refer to her husband and her son while the names of the goods refer to her children, nephews, close friends’ children…
The collection is entirely handmade by the sewing unit of the NGO : A Way With You.  She works with local craftsmen who sew everything manually which enables the highest quality but also a lot of flexibility (offering larger, smaller and longer upon request) !
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