Ain’t no mountain high enough…
Being parents of 4, we want to participate as well in creating a better world for our boys…
We’re doing our best but we’re certainly not perfect! Any advice from your side is very welcome! Feel free to let us know!
Our production :
  • Until now, our whole collection is produced in Pondicherry by a sewing atelier called Navasarjan which is depending of belgian NGO A Way With You.  AWWY is helping families in both India & Thailand, helping students with school materials, tuition fees & even food when necessary!  They can be followed and supported via their website www.  – Email :  and for your donations : IBAN : BE50 7775 9386 7018 BIC : GKCCBEBB – Every donation from 40,00 € is fiscally deductible
  • From 2019 onwards, most of our swim short production will be moved to a small facility located very close to Porto (Portugal).  Irene is doing a great job in taking care of our production & as the fabrics for our swim shorts are coming from the next village, we’re reducing as much as possible the transportation.
  • All cottons, boxers & pyjamas are still produced in India, we have created a great relationship with AWWY and we will never let them down.
  • We have limited stock, this enables us to have variation in our collection & avoids to have unnecessary merchandise
Paper & Plastic
  • shipping boxes : made of min 70% recycled paper & can be recycled afterwards again
  • silk paper for wrapping : can be recycled
  • no pieces of our collection are individually wrapped in plastic, we try our best though to keep them clean & properly folded 🙂
  • our hamburger boxes can be recycled – prints are stamps with waterprint & the backside sticker is made of recycled fabric.
  • we’re currently investigating every step of our production & packaging
  • for deliveries to Belgium (or abroad with home delivery) our packages are delivered by bike to our local post-office & we use them as they mostly anyway come to your homes/offices to deliver your bills… 🙂
  • our foreign customers usually select Mondial Relay as delivery as they’re cheaper and they’re often located in local supermarkets where you anyway might go!
Who we work with?   We’re carefully selecting the people we are working with as we want to have a great relationship to them…
  • Colombe Casey is taking care of our illustrations
  • Céline Bilquin is doing a great job as graphic designer, both for our logo, some of our communication as well as designing the perfect fabrics!
  • Our webmaster is Staglabel
  • Photographs are taken by great family members, special thanks to Foulik de Meeus as well as professional photographer Emilie Marchandise
And Ourselves?
  • we have a vegetable garden & try to use the most out of it
  • our chicken eat most of our remains & they give us their eggs (when they don’t strike)
  • we try to buy as much bulk as possible when needed & stick to seasonal food
  • we try to buy most of our stuff in small shops (clothes, furniture, food, etc…)
  • we try to limit the use of cars by carpooling to school & since we live in the countryside, no need to go everyday to several activities, we just enjoy the garden!
In short, we’ve still lot’s of work to do…